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The New Revolution Water Purifier 

todi alklinator Model

  • Universal Harmony: For Borewell, Tanker & Municipal water.

  • Tailored Purity: Set TDS digitally for your needs.

  • Crystal-Clear Confidence: TDS displayed on the front panel.

  • Precision Assured: ±10 ppm TDS accuracy.

  • Process in Focus: LED indicators for each purification stage.

  • Alerts at a Glance: Tank full & low pressure on the panel.

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Less water wastage, more value.

  • Steadfast Purity: Raw water changes won't affect you.

Unique Features

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  • TDS of purified water can be set digitally by userswith 3 keys

  • Display running servicehours to help the customer know when the next service will be due.

  • Provides purified water as well as live Anti-Oxidants Alkaline hydrogen rich water using the Dual digital dispensing technology.

  • Introducing for storage tank full and low pressure on front panel.

  • TODI Technology gives low rejection water.

  • Change of row water TDS doesn't affect TDS of purified water.

Rs. 33,000/-

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Digital TDS Setting
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Auto TDS Controller
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Front Panel TDS Display
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High Accuracy with LED Indication
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Consistent Purified Water

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Nahla Pure is the Most Trusted Brand since 2003. Purity in Every Drop.

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